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Collection Development Guidelines

The Collection Development guidelines articulate the resource development goals of the Oil Creek District. The guidelines create focus and guidance towards implementation of the Oil Creek District while educating the public about the process of creating the District collection. The District Collection Development guidelines govern only those resources obtained by the District and does not govern the collection of the District Center Library.


The District works to help local libraries provide the best possible services for their patrons and communities. The collection is selected to be useful, diverse, inclusive, and responsive to community needs. There are two audiences for District resources: those resources helpful for training and improving librarians and those resources the District provides to the public on behalf of the local libraries.


“Collection” refers to any materials selected for and owned by the District.

The focus of the collection shall be to support local library and state library initiatives and trends.

The collection may be composed of a variety of styles, formats, and levels of difficulty. The collection shall be selected and made available to the entire district, though selected materials in the collection may only be made available to librarians.

The collection shall be reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to meet current and anticipated needs. The District strives to meet collection standards set forth by the state of Pennsylvania’s Office of Commonwealth Libraries. The District recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and conforms to legislation regarding copyright protections.

Responsibility for Collection Management

Ultimate responsibility for the selection and withdrawal of materials rests with the District Consultant, who operates within the framework of policies and procedures set forth by the Oil Region Library Association. Suggestions and participation from library staff members and the public are encouraged and given serious consideration in the management process. Allocation of the materials budget will be determined based on collection focus, indicators of use, and cost per item.


Impartiality and judicious selection shall be exercised in all materials acquisitions practices. Selection of materials does not indicate endorsement by the District of the contents or views contained within those materials.

No materials are excluded from selection on the basis of race, nationality, sexual orientation, political, social, or religious beliefs. Each type of material will be judged in its entirety, not on the basis of isolated passages or sections. Each item will be judged in terms of its own kinds of excellence and for whom it is intended.

Selection of materials must support the focus of the collection. Selection of resources is heavily influenced by the District Member Library Directors.


The collection will regularly be evaluated to determine if the provided resources are still supportive of the mission of the District and the needs of local libraries. The evaluation is crucial to developing and maintaining a useful collection.

Reconsideration of Materials

The District recognizes the right of individuals and libraries to question the inclusion of materials in the District collection. The Library will give serious consideration to each patron’s opinion.

Individuals questioning material in the library collection may request reconsideration of a selection decision by submitting a written request to the District Consultant. The Consultant will respond in writing to the individual’s request and include a copy of these guidelines. Appeals are heard, by request, by the Oil Creek District Administrator. Appeals must be presented in writing to the Administrator.

Decisions on appeals are based on careful review of the objection, material, and Library policies, including these guidelines, the Library Bill of Rights, and the American Library Association’s guidelines on intellectual freedom.

Review and Supersession

These guidelines will supersede all previous selection and deselection policies and guidelines. The guidelines shall be reviewed periodically.


Approved July 20, 2016

Published inDistrict Guidelines & Procedures
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