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InterLibrary Loan Support Guidelines

The Interlibrary Loan Support guidelines articulate the interlibrary loan goals of the Oil Creek District. The guidelines provide guidance towards implementation of District-provided Interlibrary Loan support.


The District Library Center is the main branch of Oil City Library.

For the purposes of this process, a member library shall be considered as any location of a public library in the District providing interlibrary loan services directly and not through a centralized location.


The District provides interlibrary loan support in three ways: loaning membership in AccessPA and OCLC, postage reimbursement, and staff support in loaning database membership.

The District maintains loaning privileges on behalf of the member libraries in OCLC, as well as the software required to maintain that database. Each member library maintains their own collections and loaning privileges in AccessPA. The District will pay for each member library the annual fee.

The District will reimburse postage for interlibrary loans at a set rate per item mailed. The District Library Center will be reimbursed in full and the member libraries at the amount as determined by the Negotiated Agreement. Payments will be made quarterly. Should a library not use the full quarterly amount or fail to submit the required paperwork, the remaining amount will be divided equally among the member libraries that exceeded the allotment. Reports from ShareIt will be used to verify the number of interlibrary loans provided.

Review and Supersession

These guidelines will supersede all previous interlibrary loan support and/or postage reimbursement policies and guidelines. The guidelines shall be reviewed periodically.

Approved May 17, 2017

Published inDistrict Guidelines & Procedures
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