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Discover: Color Scavenger Hunt

Think you know the colors in the world around you? 

Audience: Youth/Family

Materials Needed: White paper bags with approximately nine different colors of small squares scribbled on the front (think colors found in nature), instruction sheets if you want

Pass out the bags to children and instruct them to find things matching the colors on the bag. When they find something that matches, place it in the bag.

When everyone is done, you can do a show and tell with participants showing the things they found. If it’s a large group, you could limit the number of items they can show the rest of the group.


  • Make it a passive program: have the kids bring their completed bags back into the library for a prize.

Suggested books:

  • Active Program: Use any book that revolves around finding something (We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, In Plain Sight).
  • Passive Program: Make a display of books similar to I Spy or Look! A Book!
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