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Live: Gratitude Tins

Make a portable gratitude tin. 

Audience: Teen

Materials Needed: Empty Altoid tins, scrapbooking paper, markers, glue, decorative items, small pens or markers

Clean out the tins. Trace the tins onto the scrapbooking paper and cut out. Glue to the tins. Add decorative pieces: stickers, designs, etc. Cover with clear varnish (like ModPodge).

Inside the tin, put a small pad of paper (or stack of paper) and pen. Whenever something good happens, write it down. At the end of the day review them and put them into a Gratitude jar for later reminders of the positives of life.


  • Call this a Compliment Tin instead and make the little cards sturdier so it’s easy to hand out compliments.
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